Life on FAFO Farms: A Journey into Regenerative Farming


In the heart of Texas, nestled in the countryside, lies FAFO Farms, a place where the hustle and bustle of city life are replaced with the serene sounds of nature and the daily adventures of farming. Clint and Christine, the proud owners of FAFO Farms, share their story of how they transitioned from city dwellers to full-time farmers.

With machetes scattered around the property and tales of rescuing chickens from snakes, the journey of FAFO Farms is nothing short of exciting and eventful.

From City Life to Farming

Clint and Christine, originally from California, made the leap to Texas in pursuit of a more holistic lifestyle and a desire to produce healthier food options. Their journey began with a vision to create a regenerative farm that focuses on pastured poultry, raw milk production, and sustainable practices.

The FAFO Model: Regenerative Farming

At FAFO Farms, the focus is on regenerative farming practices that aim to restore and enhance the health of the land. By implementing rotational grazing, intensive grazing, and cover cropping, Clint and Christine are working towards creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits both the animals and the environment.

Meet the Animals

From egg layers to meat birds, goats to a mammoth donkey, FAFO Farms is home to a diverse range of animals. Each animal plays a vital role in the farm’s ecosystem, providing milk, meat, and companionship.

  • Nubian Goats: Providing milk for soap production and offering a friendly presence on the farm.
  • Mammoth Donkey: A gentle giant that serves as a protector and potential labor animal for the future.
  • Chickens: From broilers to layers, the chickens at FAFO Farms keep the land healthy through rotational grazing.

Challenges and Triumphs

While the journey to regenerative farming has been rewarding, Clint and Christine have faced their fair share of challenges. Navigating the complex regulations surrounding raw milk production and pastured poultry has been a learning curve, but their dedication to doing things right has been unwavering.

Future Plans and Sustainability

Looking ahead, FAFO Farms aims to expand its product offerings, from raw milk and donkey soap to pastured poultry and more. By focusing on sustainability and responsible farming practices, Clint and Christine are paving the way for a brighter future for their farm and community.


As the sun sets over FAFO Farms, the sounds of animals and the rustling of leaves paint a picture of a life well-lived. Clint and Christine’s journey into regenerative farming serves as an inspiration for those seeking a deeper connection to the land and a more sustainable way of living.