Get ready…


We are excited to announce the 20×23 Project! Once Matt has fulfilled his commitment to his employer that ends April 1st, 2023, anytime after that we can hit the road to other farms and homesteads to lend a hand. When looking at next year, we initially thought to “dip our toe in the water” to ease into this new lifestyle. But after reviewing some key questions to ask yourself as a business, we decided that we really need to make a strong impact in these communities our first year. And that’s how the #20x23project was born!

What you get

  • ┬á20 hours a week of Matt’s time
  • 10 hours a week of Kaitie’s time
  • UNLIMITED children time ­čÖé
  • strong work ethic
  • experience
  • connections

What we get

  • Truck and trailer parking
  • 1 family meal a day
  • ┬áLearning opportunities
  • Permission to take pictures/record
    • while still respecting your privacy
  • ┬áChance to help your neighbors when needed

Sign up here!

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Using a map and dropping a pin on the city, state and social media account you provided, others in your area can contact you to reach out and give you a hand. Would be useful if you're needing more immediate help