Personal Property Design Consultation


During an early morning design consultation, William and Matt discuss various aspects of the property design, including access, water systems, structures, land use areas, and overall well-being and security for the family. The conversation delves into detailed plans for implementation and next steps.

Access and Water Systems

William emphasizes the importance of access points on the property, starting with the existing access road and potential access points between different land areas. The conversation then shifts to the water system, focusing on rainwater collection, pond location, and potential water sources for irrigation.

Structures and Land Use Areas

The discussion explores the placement of structures like the garage and potential shelter areas for livestock. Matt considers using the pasture area for silvopasture and seeks advice on seeding native grasses. They also discuss the integration of chickens into the food forest and potential uses for the drain field area.

Connection and Well-being

William suggests various connections within the property design, such as redirecting water flow and connecting different zones for optimal functionality. They also touch on the importance of security and protection for the family, considering privacy and fire mitigation strategies.

Implementation Plan

As the conversation progresses, Matt seeks advice on the next steps in the design process. William advises creating a phased implementation plan, focusing on key projects for each year and developing a 12-month plan. They discuss the importance of starting with core systems and expanding outward from Zone zero.


After a thorough discussion on property design and implementation, William and Matt finalize the consultation with plans for next steps. Matt is set to develop a detailed phased implementation plan, with a focus on key projects and logistics for the coming year.